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Mathias Renner (Frachtwerk) - Sustainable Software Engineering: Opportunities and Barriers

Duración: aproximada 54 minutes

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Developing sustainable Software is a key part of making digitization more sustainable. However, it is not always obvious and easy to see how and where a Software Programm could be made more sustainable. That is why, in this openXchange live talk, Mathias Renner talked about why and how software engineering can be more sustainable, for example by using the GREENSOFT-model. After that, he also looked at the Barriers that developers face during this process. In the discussion we also talked about the impact of using cloud services, the rebound effect and tools to measure energy consumption during the development.

Mathias Renner is IT-Architect, Product Owner and IT-Consultant at Frachtwerk. Frachtwerk is an IT-Consultant company located in Berlin that specializes in logistics and transport. Mathias Renner studied Business Information Systems at the University of Bamberg and finished his study with a Masters Degree in Information Systems. Since 2020, he has started working at Frachtwerk and also as a lecturer for Big Data Analytics & Cloud native platforms at the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin.