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Prof. Jaafar Elmirghani (IEEE) - Energy-efficient Cloud- and Fog-Computing

Time effort: approx. 54 minutes

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About this video

In the fourth clean-IT openXchange live talk Prof Jaafar Elmirghani talked about cloud and fog networks and how they can promote sustainability in the IT sector. In the discussion section, Prof. Elmirghani and the participants also talked about the effects of switching network devices on and off when they are not used, 5G and 6G technologies and more.

Prof. Jaafar Elmirghani is Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of IET and Fellow of Institute of Physics and was PI of the £6m EPSRC Intelligent Energy Aware Networks (INTERNET) project, 2010-2016. He is Co-Chair of the IEEE Sustainable ICT initiative, 2012-present. He was awarded the IEEE Comsoc 2005 Hal Sobol award, 3 IEEE Comsoc outstanding technical achievement and service awards (2009, 2015, 2020), the 2015 GreenTouch 1000x award, IET Optoelectronics 2016 Premium Award for work on energy efficiency and shared the 2016 Edison Award with a team of 6 from GreenTouch for joint work on the GreenMeter. His work led to 5 IEEE standards on energy efficiency: IEEE P1925.1, IEEE P1926.1, IEEE P1927.1, IEEE P1928.1 and IEEE P1929.1. He has published over 550 technical papers.