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Jens Gröger (Öko-Institut) - Energy Consumption of Software

Time effort: approx. 54 minutes

About this video

In the fifth clean-IT openXchange live talk, Jens Gröger talked about the energy consumption of software. Together with his team at the Öko-Institut, the University of Zurich and the Umweltcampus Birkenfeld, he developed methods to measure the energy consumption of software systems. They then compared the energy consumption of different programs and developed criteria to certify software as resource-efficient. These criteria are now being used for the German sustainability label "Blue Angel". In the discussion section, Jens Gröger and the participants discussed about the study results, Bitcoin and the impact of sustainability labels.

Jens Gröger studied energy- and process engineering at the TU Berlin and finished the training as communication electrician. Since 2009 he has been working at the Öko-Institut as researcher with a focus on products and material flow. Over the past years he has been working on improving and enhancing the "Blue Angel"-label.