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The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) is an independent faculty of Digital Engineering at the University of Potsdam (Germany). It is a highly-ranked institute for digital engineering. HPI combines excellent research and teaching with the advantages of a privately financed institute and a tuition-free study program. Supported by benefactor Hasso Plattner and through international collaborations, all the way to Silicon Valley, the institute's offerings continue to grow.

One of its offerings is openHPI which significantly complements HPI with a digital education platform, courses, and additional services. openHPI has its infrastructure, such as a team and resources.

Since September 2012, Professors and researchers at HPI create interactive massive open online courses (MOOCs) on IT topics, Digital Health, and Design Thinking and publish them on openHPI. These online courses are available in German and English. Part of openHPI is a worldwide social learning network. In addition, openHPI is used for blended learning formats and to support face-to-face lectures at the Hasso Plattner Institute.

Our offer

At a glance, openHPI services include:

  • High-quality MOOCs for the interested public at openHPI with personal learning environments (e-portfolio systems) and social networks
  • Digital learning platforms based on openHPI for private companies and public institutions, including innovative learning tools and virtual labs, as well as gaming features
  • Consulting on proven content production workflows, studios, and equipment tele-TASK for content creation


openHPI is an open and free digital education platform for lifelong learners, professionals, university and school students. Since teaching is part of HPI’s identity, it also feeds into the course content. Course topics on openHPI are e.g., Big Data and AI, Cybersecurity, Internet and Programming. More on openHPI.

Additionally, openHPI considers ideas brought in by learners, partners, science, and the market to enrich the platform with modern features.

Benefits of openHPI MOOCs

  • openHPI courses are open: They are free of charge and mainly not restricted by any prerequisites.
  • openHPI courses are of high-quality, meaningful, valuable, innovative, and modern.
  • openHPI courses promote multifaceted interaction in the learning community, which turn openHPI courses into a learning event.
  • openHPI courses are offered entirely online and thus allow you to learn independently of time and space. Do you want to take a course? Please register free at openHPI to benefit from all learning features.

For more information on our course claims, please click here.

Platform infrastructure and research

openHPI offers its infrastructure and resources to partners, their target group(s) and those interested in implementing their own digital education platform. Therefore, openHPI provides a software that institutions and companies can purchase to host courses for a large number of learners.

Benefits of the openHPI platform

  • openHPI is a modern and established digital education platform which continuously improves and adapts to the needs of its learners.
  • openHPI is hosted in Germany and conforms to GDPR.
  • openHPI platform partners benefit from exclusive training and knowledge sharing.
  • openHPI includes sophisticated real-time learning analytics and KPIs.
  • openHPI supports mobile learning (responsive design and app).

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Are you interested in a digital education platform? Please get in touch with us to get information at

Consulting on course production

openHPI has two recording studios and a great deal of experience in the production of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). We will be happy to advise you on course creation. Contact us in this regard at


MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – provide one of the most innovative forms of learning. Available free via the Internet, learners can access didactic course material and learn in close contact with other students through social media.

Use cases for MOOCs

The use cases for MOOCs are diverse: From staff training to courses for partners or customers to Corporate Social Responsibility practices. See it yourself on openHPI for our courses and on, our white-label platform.

For more information on our MOOCs, please click here.

Current course program

Our course offer is broad. Please find a current overview of our courses for this year here.


Partners from business, politics, and international organizations build on the expertise of the openHPI team and use the state-of-the-art MOOC platform of the Hasso Plattner Institute to offer their online courses.
openHPI’s partners are openSAP,, OpenWHO,, eGov-Campus, KI-Campus, KommunalCampus, WZL of RWTH Aachen University, Charité Berlin.

For detailed information about our partners, please click here.


The openHPI team is a group of around 30 highly motivated people. Our diverse background is our strength to keep improving the platform. Our background ranges from computer scientists, software developers, lecturers, project managers, and business development managers to education scientists.

Learn more about the people behind openHPI on our Team page. To become part of our team, you can find our current job offers on our Jobs page.


openHPI also serves as a research project on its courses and digital education platform.

Please find out more about our MOOC research and publications on our page on Publications, our page on MOOC related conference papers, and the references listed under the project Knowledge and Learning Engineering. If you would like to learn more about the research in the area of Learning Tech and Knowledge Engineering, you can find it on the HPI chair website.


Since the platform's launch in 2012, openHPI and our platforms have won numerous awards, like the for the platform OpenWHO which was named Learning Platform of the Year 2023. Please find more information on our awards here.


Would you like to become part of the team? You can find our current vacancies on our Jobs page.

More information

Please find comprehensive information about openHPI in the newest Technical Report.


If you have any questions, we welcome you to contact us via the helpdesk. You can also write us an email at

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