openHPI counts on many open source projects and we would like to thank their teams. Prominent examples are Rails, Bootstrap, EmberJS, RSpec, Grape, jQuery, and OmniAuth.

We have published some components, our mobile Apps, and some additional tools as open source code on GitHub:

  • our Android App (GitHub)
  • our iOS App (GitHub)
  • the Online Coding Tool CodeOcean (GitHub)
  • the execution middleware Poseidon (GitHub)
  • CodeHarbor as a repository for programming tasks (GitHub)
  • our proforma gem for processing programming tasks in XML format (GitHub)
  • our MOOC Guidelines (GitHub)
  • MOOCHub API Format (GitHub)
  • UUID Lib (GitHub)
  • ChatBot (GitHub)


Since December 2021, the source code of the openHPI learning platform is also available under an open source license (AGPL).
The current version of the source code can be downloaded here (
Local Setup instruction can be found in "docs/app/development/local_setup" within the downloaded .zip file.

Please contact us at if you are interested in using the code yourself or if you also want to contribute to the further development of the code.


  1. The platform's source code alone is not sufficient to run a scalable e-learning solution in the manner of openHPI.
  2. The platform's source code is continuously developed in an agile manner.
  3. The link for the current version of the source code is permanent. The source code that can be downloaded from there is updated on a weekly basis.

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