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Mei Lin Fung (People-Centered Internet) - clean-IT on an International Level

Time effort: approx. 52 minutes

About this video

clean-IT is not just a local or national initiative: To be successful, clean-IT principles have to be implemented on an international and even global scale. Therefore, in her talk Mei Lin Fung addresses both: clean-IT on an international level but also how each and everyone of the participants can contribute to a more sustainable digitization and be a part of the initiative.

Mei Lin Fung is Chair and co-founder with Vint Cerf of the People Centered Internet. In 2017, she presented the Digital Economics launch at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Mei Lin is an early pioneer of customer relationship management (CRM). She served as a socio-technical lead for the US Federal Health Futures initiative. She is the IEEE Standards Association Chair for the Industry Connections Social Impact Measurement and on the Executive Committee for IEEE’s Humanitarian Activities Committee.