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Prof. Benno Schmidt (Bochum University) - Sustainable Software Design Patterns

Часове навантаження: прибл. 52 хвилини

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Software Design Patterns are used to solve recurring problems and difficulties during software development. They often address issues such as scalability or maintainability of software architectures and programs. However, they can be just as well used to solve sustainability issues and to help software developers design sustainable software from the very beginning. That's why, in his talk, Prof. Benno Schmidt explains his approaches to developing Sustainable Software Design Patterns, inviting the participants to get involved in the process!

Prof. Benno Schmidt holds a degree in computer science and has developed numerous software products for ecological, geoscientific and planning applications (from 1991). Since 2009 he has been a professor of computer science and geoinformatics at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. His applied research focuses on 3D geovisualisation and 3D geodata modelling and algorithmic processing as well as formal software specification methods in the environment of geoinformatics and environmental informatics. A particular concern of his is the topic of "sustainability in software development".