Design Thinking

关于此 Design Thinking 课程系列

Since 2007, the HPI D-School has been an integral part of the Hasso Plattner Institute Potsdam. Every year, around 400 students from all over the world learn about the Design Thinking Innovation Method in an additional course of study. In cooperation with project partners, students develop user-centered solutions to complex problems.

The HPI-Stanford Design Thinking Research Program aims to scientifically investigate how and why design thinking innovations work or fail. Every year, the program committee of the Design Thinking Research Program selects interesting and promising projects for funding. Multidisciplinary research teams from Stanford University and HPI work on various design thinking topics on process, methods, teamwork and tools to explore the phenomenon of innovation holistically in all its dimensions.

Again and again we are moved by the question: How can we offer Design Thinking online and thus make it accessible to a larger audience? Prof. Uli Weinberg, Dr. Claudia Nicolai and several other Design Thinkers have dared to take the step and developed online courses on the topic of Design Thinking.

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