Introduction to Successful Remote TeamworkThomas Staubitz, Hanadi Traifeh, Salim Chujfi
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1.12 Collaboration Tools (Scheduling, Calendars, Orga)

Duración: aproximada 8 minutes
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Please contribute your experience or see what the others have contributed here. If the tools you're using have already been mentioned by someone else and you don't want to duplicate, you can also just upvote the other participants post.

As promised in the video, here is some additional information to dive deeper:

The following information is far from being complete and should in no way be perceived as advertisement from our side for a particular solution. In the end, your decision should be based on your privacy and security requirements, your budget, and your administration and hardware resources.

We will update this list with your suggestions in the forum.

Project Management

Time and Calendar Tools


  • In the video we state that these tools are way more important if you're working remotely, compared to working in a traditional office setting. While this is basically true, we would like to emphasize that these tools are, obviously, very handy in traditional office settings as well.