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Sven Köhler (HPI) - How to Measure Energy Consumption

Time effort: approx. 15 minutes
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About this video

As the share of renewable energy sources increases, computing systems and data centers will increasingly adapt their energy demand to the volatile production. At the HPI Operating Systems and Middleware Group, we research models and methods to understand and control a data center’s energy demand. In this endeavor, it is vital to understand how compute hardware consumes energy and how this behavior relates to different compute architectures. To assess and evaluate different architectures, developers need to measure how their software behaves on respective platforms. Yet, unlike performance analyses power and energy measurements of heterogeneous systems are difficult to conduct. Especially at the system-software level, performing power and energy measurements remains challenging. To improve the current state of the art in power and energy measurements at the system-software level, we present PINPOINT, an energy-profiling tool that unifies different power and energy measurement interfaces. More information...

Sven Köhler is currently working as a Ph.D. student with Prof. Andreas Polze at the Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam. His research focuses on accelerators, parallel computing, and energy-aware scheduling on heterogenous platforms. In his spare time, he mentors the local CoderDojo, introducing school kids to the marvels of computing.