Before you start with the exam you are able to check your correct position in front of the webcam and to verify if the lighting is sufficient.


During the exam you are supervised via webcam.
The photos are transmitted to our partner who checks that you, and only you, are at your computer during the entire testing time.

During the exam

As soon as the evaluation of the proctoring is done, the results for every quiz are shown directly next to the quiz. If the threshold value is exceeded for one breach, you will be informed at this point. You are then no longer able to receive a certificate. Nevertheless, you are able to continue with the course and receive a confirmation of participation or a record of achievement if you have a high enough score.

After the exam

For some breaches the threshold is set higher (e.g., if the lighting is insufficient for a period of time). If you haven't exceeded the threshold during a quiz, at this point you will be told to pay attention in the following quizzes to avoid being excluded from the certificate. Breaches of this kind are totaled during all homework and the final exam. At the end, a check is made as to whether the total value is below the allowed threshold for the whole course.

Detailed and illustrated overview of possible breaches

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