Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques in another context (e.g., in e-learning). The objective is to motivate people and to reward the learners' commitment in the course regardless of the credit points achieved. At openHPI, diverse Gamification elements are used (e.g., Experience Points, Badges and User States), which will be described in the following. The participants find their current status in the user dashboard (e.g., how many Experience Points have already been collected).

Experience Points (XP)

At openHPI, participants are able to collect Experience Points. They have nothing to do with the credit points already received for successful participation in homework and final exam. The Experience Points reflect the commitment in the course and the activity in the forum. Here is a short overview of how the Experience Points are distributed:

1 Point
... for answering a question in the forum.

2 Points
... for the first self-test which was completely answered correctly (100 per cent).

5 Points
... for a forum question that was upvoted by the other course participants. Usually, an upvote shows the relevance of a question and that it is also interesting for other course participants.

10 Points
... for an upvote on your answer in the forum. An upvote is an indicator of a good answer, which should be rewarded.

30 Points
... for your answer if it was marked as a "right answer" by the person who asked the question. Those who give helpful answers should be rewarded.


At openHPI we have 3 different badges, which are designated bronze, silver and gold:

You are awarded the Communicator Badge for participating very actively in the discussion forum and in the collab spaces. Those who contribute a lot through questions, answers and comments get this badge. Please note that we count only posts that are relevant for the course. Technical questions are not taken into account. You need at least 3 posts to receive this badge in bronze (silver: 8 posts, gold: 13 posts).

communicator_bronze communicator_silver communicator_gold

You are awarded the Knowledgeable-Badge for your particularly helpful answers in the forum. Your answer must be marked as "right anwer" from the person who asked the question (only one answer per question can be marked as right). If you have answered 3 questions in total which have been marked as "right" by the questioner you receive this badge in bronze (for silver you need to give the "right answer" 8 times, for gold: 13 times).

knowledgeable_bronze knowledgeable_silver knowledgeable_gold

We award the Self-Tested badge if the self-tests of a course are answered completely correct. For bronze, it is enough to have 50 per cent of the self-tests correct. For the silver badge you must have 80 per cent of the self-tests correct. Finally, for the gold badge, all self-tests (100 per cent) need to be completely correct.

self-tested_bronze self-tested_silver self-tested_gold

User States

The User States illustrate how many Experience Points you have already collected. They are shown in the forum next to your profile photo as Kyu level.

karate_yellow 2.000 XP: Yellow Belt
karate_orange 5.000 XP: Orange Belt
karate_green 9.000 XP: Green Belt
karate_blue 14.000 XP: Blue Belt
karate_brown 20.000 XP: Brown Belt
karate_black 27.000 XP: Black Belt
karate_rot 35.000 XP: Red Belt
karate_purple 50.000 XP: Purple Belt

HPI Publications on Gamification

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