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Artificial Intelligence: Does It Require A Body?

Time effort: approx. 52 minutes
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About this video

Intelligence is of great importance in our society. But intelligence also remains mysterious and is notoriously difficult to reproduce in technological artifacts. So far, every attempt to produce an intelligent machine — for example Watson — has brought about important technological progress but has failed to significantly advance our understanding of biological intelligence. Why does there seem to be such a wide gap between artificial intelligence and biological intelligence? Maybe the artificial intelligences are missing something. Maybe they are missing a body? And maybe therefore our next attempt to build a truly intelligent machine should take the form of a robot? I will argue that this is a good idea and show attempts of moving towards this goal. However, rather than creating an apocalyptic robotic overlord who will end all of humanity, I will advocate to first go after a much more humble (and maybe more realistic) objective. Prof. Brock visited the Hasso Plattner Institute for the HPI Colloquium on February 21, 2019.