Understanding Your Genome
April 10, 2024 - August 7, 2024
Language: English

Course information

The content of the course covers genotyping techniques, bioinformatics and statistical basics including the linking of the collected data with public available databases and the interpretation of sequence variation. We will discuss scientific issues such as determining the genetic lineage of individuals, learning from genomes about the migration and evolution of the human population, and how natural selection has shaped human genomes. Furthermore, the course will discuss medical aspects: how to detect disease-causing genetic mutations, how to predict diseases such as diabetes based on genomic data, and how genetic information can be used to recommend clinical treatments. Additionally, we will talk about direct-to-consumer tests commonly used to inform about non-medical, general wellness traits (such as athletic ability, hair color, earwax type, wine taste preferences, -for example), or help individuals explore their genetic ancestry. Practical exercises will form the core of the course.

For further information about the course and its content in general please refer to the course website.

Course contents

  • Mandatory Intro- Meeting 04/10/2024

  • Introductory class: 04/17/2024

  • Introduction to inheritance, genetic testing, genetic counselling: 04/24/2024:

  • Basic concepts of molecular genetics: 05/08/2024

  • Clinical phenotyping: 05/15/2024

  • Seminar - basics of human genetics - from molecules to the clinic: 05/22/2024

  • Pharmacogenomics: 05/29/2024

  • Population genetics and Ancestry: 06/05/2024

  • Genotyping & Sequencing techniques: 06/12/2024

  • Population genetics and Ancestry 2: 06/26/2024

  • Installation instructions

  • Seminar Population genetics and Tech Check: 07/03/2024

  • Introduction to Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS): 07/10/2024

  • Introduction to Polygenic Risk score analysis and GWAS Seminar: 07/17/2024

  • Block course: 07/22/2024 - 07/25/2024


    find all uyg course quizzes here
  • PopG genetic simulation program:

    Please find the PopG program available for you to either download or as a web application. You will need it in the population genetics lecture 2 and population genetics seminar.

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