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Please note, this is not an open program and is reserved to current participants of the HPI Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches. For more information about this program, please click here.

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Información del curso

Participants in the Certification Program complete 20 days of training spread over approximately one year. Everyone participates in the three core training modules together, which take place on campus. The practice and transfer parts of the curriculum are then tailored to the personal interests, needs and availabilities of each participant.

Goals of the certification program

Participants learn

  • to recognize the potential of innovation teams and how to activate them,
  • to apply and teach the methods and principles of Design Thinking in various organizational contexts,
  • to discover their own coaching style and develop their coaching skills.

The Curriculum

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The training part of the program consists of three core modules: one twoday Design Thinking Deep Dive workshop, and two three-day workshops, Train the Trainer 1: Coaching a Team and Train the Trainer 2: Coaching in Context. This forms the foundation of the program and all participants must attend all three modules.


The Certification Program runs for approximately 12 months and is divided into the following modules:

  • 2 days - Design Thinking Deep Dive: Design Thinking & You
  • 3 days - Train the Trainer 1: Coaching a Team
  • 3 days - Train the Trainer 2: Coaching in Context
  • 11 days - Practical Experience (Method Labs, Shadow Coaching, Co-Coaching)
  • ≤ 1 day - Master Class

A quick look at the advantages of the certification program:

  • Certificate from the Academy of the Hasso Plattner Institute, the European hub for Design Thinking
  • Continuous exchange between the HPI Academy and other members of the Global Design Thinking Alliance (GDTA) for improving the training of Design Thinking coaches
  • A unique combination of teaching and research on the HPI campus
  • High level of practical experience: at the end of the training, participants will already have 11 days of practice engaging in a wide range of coaching experiences.
  • Practice days are organized individually, allowing the program to fit in readily with participants’ everyday professional lives
  • Continuous individual feedback from experienced Design Thinking coaches
  • A detailed coaching manual
  • Admission to the large HPI alumni network of Design Thinking coaches

Who is the intended audience of the certification program?

The program is aimed primarily at experienced Design Thinkers. In addition, coaching and / or teaching experience is helpful. The program thus targets the following groups:

  • People who practice Design Thinking in professional contexts and want to teach it to others
  • Teachers, trainers, and coaches who want to expand their methods portfolio
  • Consultants and strategists in the public, private, and non-profit sectors who want to work as coaches in organizations.

Want to know more?

Contact our course coordinator Julia Oberhofer via mail or phone (+49) 331 5509-565 or visit our course website.

Contenido del curso

  • Welcome & FAQ:

    What is this all about?
  • TRAINING Deep Dive:

    This workshop gives participants the chance to refresh their understanding of design thinking. The first part is a deep dive into the innovation mindset of a design thinker. Here, the aim is for all participants to experience the mindset through various activities, reflect and finally consider what they would like to improve on. The second part is dedicated to exploring the design thinking process and its six phases. Here the aim is firstly to understand the logic of the process as a whole, then to zoom into each phase, and finally to reflect on how the mindset and process fit together.
  • TRAINING Coaching a Team (Train the Trainer 1):

    This workshop focuses on coaching a team. Participants start by building their confidence guiding teams through the design thinking process. They then explore the characteristics of different styles of coaching, before reflecting on their own style. Finally, participants consider the impact of team dynamics on design thinking projects, and explore various strategies to deal with them effectively. Over three days, participants have various opportunities to try out their skills as team coaches in a safe space. For the whole duration of the training, our experienced HPI Academy coaches provide continuous, intensive support and personalized feedback to all participants.
  • TRAINING Coaching in Context (Train the Trainer 2):

    This workshop aims to place the activity of coaching a team into its wider context within a company or organization. As such, this module mainly focuses on the preparation and follow-up work that a coach undertakes in order to lead a successful design thinking project. We start by exploring different formats for design thinking projects. Using real-life challenges submitted by course participants, teams design a detailed project roadmap which takes into account the bigger picture, such as the organization or company’s strategy, internal culture or constraints. They then present this to their peers for feedback at the end.
  • PRACTICE Method Labs:

    This one-day format is a deep dive into one of the six phases of the design thinking process. In it participants explore various tools and methods which can be used to coach this phase, as well as experimenting with new ones.
  • TRANSFER Masterclasses:

    Master classes are one-day formats which combine design thinking with other approaches in order to expand your toolbox. These can be anything from learning new skills (eg. non-violent communication), to applications of design thinking in specific contexts (eg. social innovation or implementation of corporate strategy). Finally, we also have master classes to test out highly experimental formats (eg. yoga thinking). Participation in at least one master class is required for the program. As a rule, we offer three to four master classes per semester. Here you can download the slides and additional material for the various Masterclasses.
  • TRANSFER Virtual Experience Exchange:

    The VEEs are a platform for current participants and graduates of the Certification Program to exchange experiences and best practices. During each VEE, two coaches from the program showcase how they are working with design thinking. After the short presentations, other participants have the chance to ask questions. The VEEs take place as an online call, and a recording is sent out to everyone who was not able to participate.

Matricularme en este curso

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Curso impartido por

Carolin Scheffler

With a background in Design and Social Science from the Bauhaus University and the School of Art Belfast, Carolin worked in several Design Research projects at Universities in Berlin, Jerusalem and Tokyo. Therefore, she researched about the designer’s creativity and transformation processes in New Work. After graduating from the HPI D.School in Potsdam, she is working since 2016 as a Design Thinking Coach at the HPI in divers formats and joined the Certification Program Lead Team in 2019. Carolin is passionate about exploring and applying the creative process in all different ways, also by building her own furniture in the wood workshop.

Samuel Tschepe

Samuel Tschepe has a background in education and lifelong learning and has worked in different roles at the HPI since 2012. Today, he co-runs the Certification Program and is part of the HPI D-School teaching team. Over the years, he has facilitated and coached many innovation workshops and projects all over the world. He is passionate about using design thinking to enable people to become confident and creative designers of the future. Besides his academic background, he also draws from his experience in improvisation theatre, sport and music to inspire his work.

HPI Academy

The HPI Academy is the continuing education arm of the Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering gGmbH (HPI) at the University of Potsdam. HPI was established by Hasso Plattner to realize his vision of a university for the future. HPI teaches and conducts research in IT systems engineering, digital health, entrepreneurship, and Design Thinking. The HPI Academy makes this knowledge available to professionals already in the workplace. HPI Academy clients benefit from an unmistakable combination of research and teaching on future-oriented topics and practical experience from a wealth of corporate projects. HPI Academy's offerings range from workshops on various aspects of Design Thinking, agile methods, and digital transformation, accompanying innovation and change processes, and digital product development. You can find more information on our services here: