HPI Academy: Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation - Fall 2020

Change is the new constant in leadership of the 21st century. Never before in history have the opportunities of creating new business value been so easily reachable for organizations – and so elusive at the same time. Digital technology offers speed and scalability to drive successful innovation and adaptivity on the one hand – and represents one of the most important leadership challenges on the other. Leaders are charged with navigating the dynamic complexity of a new era, which more than ever requires a holistic perspective.

The "Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation" program consists of 3 face-to-face training blocks which are a combination of impulse lectures and practice slots, complemented and deepend by online materials made accessible on this platform.

Please find more information on the program and the application process via the HPI Academy website.

Seit 30. Juni 2021 im Selbststudium
Kurssprache: English


The Stanford Center for Professional Development and the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) merge their key competencies grounded in years of extensive experience in education, research and practice in the fields of digital technology, human centered innovation, Design Thinking and digital leadership to offer a comprehensive approach that considers the multiple layers and the dynamic of change. The resulting Digital Transformation Leadership Cycle offers a clearly defined scope of action for leaders who want to face the complexity of that challenge.

Discover the logical and easily replicable step-by-step approach of the Digital Transformation Leadership Cycle for your transformation strategy:

Block 1: Develop your Desing Thinking competence by using the approach as a leadership strategy for human-centered value creation.

Block 2: Grow your digital competence and train your innovation skills for value creation with digital technology.

Block 3: Deepen your business transformation competence and get inspired by success strategies of the Silicon Valley community for business value creation.

Each of these areas is at the center of a 3–4 day face-to-face training block which is a combination of impulse lectures and practice slots, complemented and deepend by online materials made accessible on this platform.

Please find more information on the program and the application process via the HPI Academy website.


  • Getting started:

    The Hasso Plattner Institute and the Stanford Center for Professional Development warmly welcome you to “Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation”. Before the program begins, we would like to provide you with some general information.
  • Block 1:

    Starting with the definition of an exemplary transformation purpose, you will discover and practice Design Thinking as a leadership strategy and explore how to discover the strongest lever for a culture of change. In small teams (six people maximum), you will use Design Thinking principles to reach the following curriculum goals: 1. Create your transformation purpose. 2. Bring to light human needs connected to the different areas of the value creation process and define your digital transformation challenge. 3. Develop, in a Design Thinking mode, solutions that have the power to give orientation and serve as a compass for further activities and to unleash cultural change.
  • HPI Experts Introduction:

    In Block 2 you will pitch your digital solution to a jury consisting of HPI professors. Meinel Rabl Hölzle Baudisch Watch their introduction videos.
  • Startups Introduction:

    These are the startups you will visit during the Startup Safari in block II.
  • Speakers Introduction:

    These are the speakers from block II.
  • HPI Expert Talks:

    You get access to inspirational material and a first introduction to the HPI experts you will work with in Block 2.
  • Block 2:

    In the second Block, you will focus on the pragmatic and strategic legitimation of digital transformation. Grow your innovation skills by creating concrete prototypical solutions. Develop your knowledge for value creation with digital technology that can serve as a starting point or accelerator in transformation.

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30. Juni 2021
3. September 2020

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