BPMN Meets DMN: Business Process and Decision ModelingProf. Dr. Mathias Weske
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Introduction into the Signavio process editor

Time effort: approx. 16 minutes
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About this video

We recommend you to use a modeling tool to solve modeling exercises within this course or to take place in the peer review. In this video we give you a short introduction to the web base modeling tool named Signavio Process Editor.

If you are enrolled at a University and have a university email address you can get access to the Academic version of Signavio via the following link: Signavio BPM academic initaitve

If you are not enrolled at a University, you can use the trial version of Signavio's professional account. As a participant of our course you can make use of our special openHPI offer which grants you the double amount of testing time. So you will get 60 days of free testing time.

To get further information and introductions for Signavio, please have a look to into the user guide provided here.