• openHPI provides a user friendly and customizable digital education platform.
  • openHPI provides a software meeting the needs of learners, course creators and course admins.
  • openHPI's team consults you on your and your learners' demands.

Target group

  • Any organization and institution looking for a scalable possibility to provide e-learning courses to its own audience on an excellent platform.

Benefits of the openHPI platform

  • openHPI is a modern digital education platform, which continuously improves and adapts to the needs of its learners.

  • openHPI offers a research based platform with continuously developing features.

  • openHPI continuously progresses by experiments and research.

  • openHPI software is university-driven and thus stands for quality.

  • openHPI is an established and renowned platform in Europe and beyond.

  • openHPI is hosted in Germany and conform to GDPR.

  • openHPI is multilingual.

  • openHPI is used by a steadily growing number of partners and thus the platform is constantly growing in terms of user numbers, allowing openHPI to establish standards.

  • openHPI platform partners benefit from exclusive trainings, knowledge sharing in frequent occurring meetings, influence in feature development.

  • openHPI includes sophisticated real-time learning analytics and KPIs (a feature list can be found here) [we'll add a link to the "openHPI Feature List"].

  • openHPI supports responsive design.

  • openHPI is available as an app.

You are interested in a MOOC platform and/or consulting regarding course production? Please contact us to get information at openhpi-info@hpi.de.

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