The learning platform for e-government

The eGov-Campus Internet learning platform offers educational opportunities at university level on the topics of e-government and administrative IT. Quality-assured and freely accessible learning modules from German universities are designed to help participants from the public sector become digital experts through study and continuing education. The platform also aims to impart key competencies and qualifications in the field of digitization that will improve career opportunities in a targeted and sustainable manner.

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The focus of active shaping of the digital transformation in the public sector is in particular on the areas of digital higher education, the teaching of digital skills in initial, continuing and further training, and personnel development and recruitment. The development and implementation of innovative digital teaching and learning concepts is of central importance here. The goal of the eGovCampus project, which is funded by the IT Planning Council, is to use the developed education platform to develop cross-university networked concepts in collaboration with academia and to tap into new knowledge in this area about the impact and effectiveness of digital education formats. Since August 2020, the Hasso Plattner Institute has provided the technical basis for the eGov-Campus. In addition to the AI-Campus, as well as 2 projects on the National Education Platform, the eGov-Campus is the fourth publicly funded project that uses the HPI platform technology. It has already been successfully used since 2012 for eLearning offerings at HPI as well as by partners such as SAP and the WHO.

HPI Module "Innovative Digital Technologies for Public Administration"

In the course "Innovative Digital Technologies for Public Administration", Prof. Christoph Meinel and his team from the Department of "Internet Technologies and Systems" present seven innovative digital technologies that are already significantly shaping areas of our everyday lives and can be profitably used for public administration. In addition to technologies such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the focus is on current trends such as Big Data, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Furthermore, participants are sensitized to the topic of security in the digital world, which plays an essential role in public administration activities in particular. The module is designed as a self-study course with explanatory videos and exercises and is aimed at students (e.g. of administrative sciences or computer science) and employees from the field of public administration.


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