Important Information

Please note that it is no longer possible to buy reactivation codes for openHPI. Existing reactivation codes can still be redeemed.

What is a course reactivation for openHPI courses?

An openHPI course reactivation gives you the option to reactivate an openHPI course that is in self-study mode. This will give you access to all graded exams, so if you achieve a minimum score of 50% you will receive a Record of Achievement for the course.

What do I have to do to reactivate a course?

Not all courses are available for reactivation. If course reactivation is available for a course, you will see the "Reactivate Course" icon on the Course Details page.

To reactivate an eligible course, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Reactivate course". You will be redirected to a page where you can reactivate the course.
  2. Add your code in the field "Enter your voucher code". Click "Redeem Voucher" and the course will be reactivated.

How long do I have to complete the graded exams?

You have 8 weeks from the date of redemption to complete the graded exams (weekly tests and final exam).

Is a reactivation code tied to a specific course or user?

No, the reactivation code can be used for any course for which course reactivation is offered. The code is not assigned to a specific person.

Why are only certain courses available for reactivation?

Only courses that have offered the earning of a Record of Achievement or Certificate during the course term can be reactivated. However, there are some limitations to this as well: Courses cannot be offered for reactivation if peer assessments must be completed for a credential or if an external system is used for graded exams whose availability cannot be assured. Course reactivation is also unavailable if a new course edition is scheduled to be offered on our platform in the near future. Regular participation in courses during the course duration is always free of charge.

Can I use the corresponding systems for exercises offered during the regular course duration?

It is not mandatory to complete the practical exercises in order to receive a Record of Achievement. System availability is dependent on the systems used in the course.

Can I participate in the discussion forum to receive technical support for reactivated courses?

When a course is in self-paced mode, you cannot create new posts in the forum to request expert assistance. However, you can search the forums for answers given during the regular course duration.

I am an HPI employee - can I get a course reactivation voucer?

Yes, please create a ticket through the openHPI helpdesk with the category "openHPI Course Reactivation". Please include the number of reactivation vouchers required.

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