HPI Academy: Strategic Design Thinking For Every Day

This is an online course for everyone who wants to use Strategic Design Thinking for everyday challenges. You learn to use the whole potential of the approach, going beyond the method and the tools. Equip yourself with the most impactful Design Thinking principles to unlock your innovation capacity in complex, highly constrained situations.

This course is booked out. Register here for the course starting October 16th. Registration closes October 09th.

This online training experience is provided by the HPI Academy.

Language: English

Course information

When does the next course begin and for how long?
The next course is going to take place from October 16th, 2020 until November 12th, 2020, so four weeks in total. The course content will remain accessible until December 24th. For each of the nine Module, a time investment of 90 minutes needs to be considered.

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Why should you enroll?
By the end of the course, you will know how to use the fundamental strategic principles of Design Thinking to overcome system- immanent hurdles and constraints. You will have explored their impact on your individual daily life - for your professional as well as private life.

What´s in the course?
In three Blocks and nine Modules in total we will introduce selected strategic Design Thinking principles.

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Apply the strategic principles immediately and dedicate yourself to developing solutions for the course challenge “Re-Designing the Learning Experience in a world where schools do not exist” or tackle your own daily challenges within the course.

Who should enroll?
You, as an interested new Design Thinking Pioneer, will get a compact insight into Strategic Design Thinking and unlock your hidden innovation capacity in times of extreme constraints.
You, as a Design Thinking Professional Track alumni, will refresh and easily share the Design Thinking strategies to manage complexity with your colleagues.

How much is the course fee?
549 EUR + VAT

How can I register for the course?
Register directly here (for internationals) or here for German participants. Registration deadline: October 09th

What requirements are needed to attend this course?
General knowledge of Design Thinking and an affinity towards human-centered design is sufficient to take part in this online training. However, you need to be registered on OpenHPI in order to take part.

Want to know more?

Contact our course coordinator Julia Oberhofer via mail Julia.Oberhofer@hpi.de or phone (+49) 331 5509-565 or visit our course website.
This online training is part of our blended learning offer and a practice-focused condensed format complementary to the Professional Track. For more information, check out the HPI Academy website.

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Course End
Sep 07, 2020
Course Start
Jul 09, 2020

Certificate Requirements

  • Gain a Confirmation of Participation by completing at least 75% of the course material.

Find out more in the certificate guidelines.

This course is offered by

Annie  Kerguenne

Annie Kerguenne is leading Design Thinking Strategist and Master Coach at Hasso Plattner Intstitute. She joined the HPI in 2013 to further develop the Design Thinking offer with formats for executives who want to implement the agile methodology in their working culture. Annie actively contributes to the evolution of Strategic Design Thinking as a leadership strategy for managing cultural change. Since more than a decade, she is also mentoring Startups in the area of identity building. She is contributing author in “Design Thinking Live” and co-author of “Design Thinking - the Agile Innovation Method”. Her Background: Interdisciplinary studies in business economics, psychology and sociolinguistics have been Annie’s stepping stone into the creative business management where she worked as an Executive Managing Director, Creative Director and Strategic Planner in global networks as well as in independent innovation- & creative agencies for more than two decades.

Miriam Steckl

Miriam Steckl works as Learning Experience Manager for the HPI Academy. She designs educational content and manages the Design Thinking strategy and implementation formats for executives. Miriam trains human-centered design, agile methods and strategies to manage complexity. She is also a member of the teaching team at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam, Germany. Before dedicating herself to human-centred design and research, Miriam worked in the public sector as corporate health manager and has been freelancing as a systemic group facilitator running participatory workshops for smaller and bigger groups.

Dennis Becker

As a project manager, Dennis Becker develops and facilitates the strategic Design Thinking trainings and implementation formats "Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation" and "Professional Track" at the HPI Academy. Before joining the HPI Academy he supported the publishing house “Der Tagesspiegel” in the field of digital transformation. Besides Design Thinking, Dennis has a background in Law and Marketing. By combining those fields, he leverages the potential of human-centered thinking in redesigning legal advice. Furthermore, Dennis is a lecturer for “Legal Design Thinking” at the Law Faculty of the European University Viadrina.

Julia Oberhofer

As project manager at HPI Academy, Julia Oberhofer is the first point of contact for our customers. She advises on different workshop formats and helps companies and individuals to take the first steps on their Design Thinking Journey. Before starting at HPI Academy and supporting HPI’s COO since 2013, Julia was involved in developing a study program at a private university in Berlin. Her background is in Political Science. While working on an international research project, giving lectures at university and at the same time writing on her doctoral dissertation, she learned all about the challenges of managing complexity at first hand.

For more information on the online course please contact Julia at Julia.Oberhofer@hpi-academy.de

HPI Academy

The HPI Academy is the continuing education arm of the Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering gGmbH (HPI) at the University of Potsdam. HPI was established by Hasso Plattner to realize his vision of a university for the future. HPI teaches and conducts research in IT systems engineering, digital health, entrepreneurship, and Design Thinking. The HPI Academy makes this knowledge available to professionals already in the workplace. HPI Academy clients benefit from an unmistakable combination of research and teaching on future-oriented topics and practical experience from a wealth of corporate projects. HPI Academy's offerings range from workshops on various aspects of Design Thinking, agile methods, and digital transformation, accompanying innovation and change processes, and digital product development. You can find more information on our services here: https://hpi-academy.de/en/index.html