You enjoy working in a company, but you miss the pioneering spirit? Do you have a great business idea, but you do not dare to take the risk alone and leave your current job? Do you see business opportunities at your workplace, but you do not know how to implement your ideas? Then you might be interested in taking this Massive Open Online Course, a MOOC, completely free of charge. It will provide you with tips and tools how to bring the entrepreneurial spirit to your organization, workplace or your team and boost your business through opportunity identification and exploitation. Watch our introduction video for more information about the course!
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Course information

Entrepreneurship is a buzzword of the new century, but not everyone is a born entrepreneur. Yet innovation and entrepreneurship also take place within companies (“Intrapreneurship”) with the engagement and dedication of open-minded entrepreneurial employees and teams. Well-known examples include the Sony Playstation or Google´s Gmail, and many more. The content of the course covers a clarification of the intrapreneurship concept, outlines its opportunities for companies and employees, and introduces different practical tools. It brings learners from different companies, countries and cultures together to jointly discuss changes and challenges, and work on intrapreneurial ideas.

The course is open and free for everyone and will be conducted completely online. As intrapreneurship can only function when management creates the right environment and employees follow the entrepreneurial spirit, the course addresses all business actors. Also external learners such as students, people between jobs, or just interested in the topic are highly welcome. Participants are invited to bring in their own ideas and develop a pitch strategy for a business opportunity in online collaborating teams.

What will you learn about in this MOOC? After finishing this course you should be able to:

  • understand the concept of intrapreneurship
  • be familiarized with numerous examples of entrepreneurial organizations and intrapreneurship projects
  • assess identified opportunities at work, develop your perception of business opportunities at work and convert problems or challenges into opportunities,
  • identify stakeholders, target groups and sponsors of intrapreneurial projects,
  • enhance understanding and ability to form coalitions around new business ideas,
  • develop and deliver a pitch to the various audiences, including board of directors

How to learn?
Learn by reading, watching videos, answering multiple choice questions, participating in discussions and doing group work (presentation of an intrapreneurial pitch in weeks 5 and 6). You can gain most out of this learning experience if you actively participate in the discussions of each week and carry out the group work during the weeks 5 and 6. You can receive a different kind of credential depending on how much time and effort you will invest, see information below. The expert of each week and the e-convenor/e-moderator of the MOOC will support you through your learning experience and answer any questions you might have about the contents or about the learning process.

How much time do you need?
The course starts on 26th of February 2018 and runs over a period of 6 weeks (4 weeks of content and 2 additional weeks of practical transfer of the content learned). Approximately 5 hours of work per week. It is designed to allow flexibility and possibility to do more or less, depending on your time availability and topic preferences and interests.

What kind of credential can you get?

  • Certificate of participation: Work through of at least 50% of the materials, quizes, resources and discussions of the first weeks.
  • Certificate of completion with a fast track record of achievement: Fullfill the requirements for the certificate of participation and pass a multiple choice test at the end of week 4.
  • Certificate of completion with a full track record of achievement: Fullfill the requirements of the fast track plus actively participate in a group to produce the business idea pitch in week 5 and complete the peer review process in week 6.
  • Premium certificate of completion with a full track record of achievement: A 2 ECTS-upgrade to your certificate of completion with a full track record of achievement is provided in case you pass an additional on-site exam in Graz, Potsdam or Cracow. This process is currently under preparation.

Overview: BizMOOC Certificates

No Fees!
Participation at the MOOC and all types of credentials are for free. No fees will be charged at any part of this course.

Anything else?
The main course language is English.

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Certificate Requirements

  • Gain a record of achievement by earning at least 50% of the maximum number of points from all graded assignments.
  • Gain a confirmation of participation by completing at least 50% of the course material.

Find out more in the certificate guidelines.

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BizMOOC Team

This course has been developed under the umbrella of the BizMOOC project, which is co-funded by the European Commission. The developing team consists of experts from universities (FH JOANNEUM Graz, Austria & University of Economics Cracow, Poland) and businesses (AVL List GmbH Graz, Austria & openHPI, Potsdam Germany) who have teamed up to offer you an innovative course experience to the promising topic of "Intrapreneurship". Find out more about the BizMOOC project?
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