The clean-IT Forum is an open platform for interested stakeholders who are eager to contribute to reduce energy requirement for digital technologies, discuss policies, algorithms and procedures to lower the carbon footprint of digitization on a global scale. Everybody is invited to share insights, techniques and suggestions on the platform via the discussion forum and links for further informational material. You are also invited to contribute an own video about your clean-IT project with your suggestions and solutions. If you would like to present latest findings about the energy consumption of digital technologies or propose technological solutions, which reduce energy consumption of computer systems in comparison to state of the art technologies, you are welcome to submit your multimedia material sending a message to

Formal requirements of your video submission:

  • Send all files via a cloud link in a compressed folder (e. g. zip-format)
  • MP4 file format
  • 16:9 video/presentation format
  • High resolution (at least HD-quality, min. 1.280 x 720)
  • If you want to show a presentation additionally to the speaker recording, record speaker and presentation streams separately but synchronously and submit both video streams
  • If you use a smartphone to record the speaker stream, make sure to record in landscape format
  • Submit presentation slides in PDF format
  • Submit short abstract of your contribution (max. 1.000 characters)
  • Submit a Link for further information on your topic
  • Submit short CV of the speaker (max. 700 characters)

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