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Taking a photo for verification – Here’s how:

If you have opted for the Certificate, we need three photos of you for automatic face recognition. All relevant quizzes and tests will be blocked until the calibration with our partner is finished. Take the following steps to activate the face recognition function:
1. Accept the terms and conditions.
2. Click on "Calibrate your image" at the end of this page.
3. Take 3 photos of you with your webcam. The second photo will appear on your certificate.

Calibration process

Until you start the calibration process, the tab that normally leads you to the exam will lead you directly to the calibration.

Calibration missing

After you complete the calibration process, it can take up to 48 hours until your data is validated. During this time, all relevant exercises will be blocked. If you click on a graded exercise you will see the following note:

Calibration pending

Duration of Verification

The calibration is performed per participant, not per course, i.e. you don't need to repeat the whole process again for every course. In the following courses, it will be checked if the appearance has changed so much that a new calibration is necessary. If so, you will be asked to do so in due course.

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