§ 1 Record of Achievement

Those who register for study at openHPI can receive a record of achievement for their course performance.

§ 2 Course Participation

There are no admission restrictions regarding course participation. We recommend that course participants take part in all of the modules, work through the complete course material and check their knowledge by means of the self-tests. Active participation in the discussion forums and learning groups provides further deepening of the acquired knowledge.

§ 3 Requirements for Record of Achievement

Every week of the course contains a graded exercise. This must be completed by Monday of the following week. The last week of the course is to be used for the final exam. Exercises and the final exam take the form of multiple-choice tests. In order to participate, course members must be logged in to the learning system with their name and password. The coursework and examination will be in German or English, depending on the language in which the course is offered. A graded record of achievement is received by those who have earned more than 50 percent of the maximum number of points for the sum of all homework and the final exam. Whoever has not achieved this may receive an ungraded confirmation of participation, as long as he or she has completed at least 50% of the course material.

§ 4 Evaluation of Exam Performance

Exercises and examinations consist of multiple-choice tasks (with one correct answer) and multiple-answer tasks (with multiple correct solutions). There is a clearly defined number of points for every task that can be earned with the correct solution. With multiple-answer tasks the number of points achieved for a partially correct solution is calculated in the following way. The maximum number of points is divided by the number of correct alternatives and this value is used as the base. For every right alternative that has been correctly selected, the base value will be given. For every false alternative, the base value will be subtracted. If the total result is negative, then 0 points are given. For example, a maximum of 3 points are possible for one task. Three out of five answers are correct. The student has marked two correct and one false. For both of the correct answers he receives one point each (3 divided by 3), for the false answer one point is subtracted. He therefore receives one point for the task.

§ 5 Issuing the Record of Achievement

openHPI is collecting the results in homework and final exam. After successfully completing all of the course requirements, the record of achievement will be made available through the participant's profile page on openHPI. The performance evaluation in the record of achievement is based on the paragraphs presented in these guidelines. The record of achievement is signed by the professor teaching the course attended.

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