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Hasso Plattner Institute welcomes you to openHPI, our online learning platform for topics of information technology (IT) and innovation. Here we offer five-fold benefits to those who are interested in gaining the knowledge required to master digitalization technologies.
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Current and upcoming courses

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Julian Fuchs, Carolin Scheffler, Samuel Tschepe, Julia Oberhofer, HPI Academy
Since August 14, 2020

Please note, this is not an open program and is reserved to current participants of the HPI Certification Program for Design Thinking Coaches. For more information about this program, please click here.

clean-IT Initiative
Since March 31, 2021

Digitalization is a game changer in the pursuit of a sustainable future. The latest digital technologies and applications like cloud, AI, and mobile devices enable us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and reduce carbon emissions in many sectors. Yet computer systems themselves have an immense energy requirement for their countless devices, data centers, applications and global networks. To effectively reduce the carbon footprint of digitalization, it is necessary to apply algorithmic efficiency and sustainability by design as guiding principles in digital engineering. The clean-IT Forum is the international platform to exchange ideas, recent research findings and applications to make digital technologies more energy-efficient.

Annie Kerguenne, Sophia Heinke, Mara Meisel, HPI Academy, Julia Oberhofer
January 28, 2022 - April 16, 2022

This is an online course for everyone who wants to use Strategic Design Thinking for everyday challenges. You learn to use the whole potential of the approach, going beyond the method and the tools. Equip yourself with the most impactful Design Thinking principles to unlock your innovation capacity in complex, highly constrained situations.

Register now for the upcoming course starting January 28, 2022. Registration closes January 21, 2022.

This online training experience is provided by the HPI Academy.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel
January 19, 2022 - February 2, 2022

A message on the Internet is sent through several networks and via different stations on its way to the target system. The individual stations are responsible for ensuring that the message is properly forwarded and finally delivered to the correct recipient. Each of these stations, if the message is sent in plain text, can receive the message and read its content. This means that a potential attacker, if he controls one of these intermediate systems, can also read the content of the message and even modify it before retransmitting it. Such attacks can have extreme effects on communication.

In this course we will look at how and whether your connection to online banking is secure or whether the content of an e-mail is trustworthy. For this purpose we will deal with the basics of cryptography, security objectives and different types of encryption. In addition, we will provide insights into different models and standards that are used in practice.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel
February 2, 2022 - February 16, 2022

The average Internet user has more than 25 Internet accounts, which are created for a wide variety of purposes. Besides accounts for e-mail services or social networks, users need access to learning platforms or online shopping services. Each of these internet accounts represents an individual digital identity. Each of these identities in turn contains a wide variety of personal information. In addition to information used to authenticate a user, such as an e-mail address and password, other services require very personal and sensitive data, such as bank details for payment and the place of residence for the subsequent delivery of an order.

HPI-Student Team für Linux
February 9, 2022 - March 2, 2022

Wir kennen es aus vielen Filmen: Ein Hacker setzt sich an den Computer, tippt mit grüner Schrift auf einem schwarzen Bildschirm eine Weile und sagt: "Ich bin drin!". Was dahinter steckt ist eine Kommandozeile, ein Weg mit Computern zu interagieren, der sehr mächtig ist, aber etwas undurchsichtig wirkt.

Wir wollen uns in diesem Kurs mit der Kommandozeile des Betriebssystems Linux beschäftigen. Mit dem Betriebssystem Linux kommt man öfter in Berührung als man denkt. Linux läuft auf Handys, in smarten Lampen und auf Supercomputern.

Mit der Kommandozeile lässt sich schnell und effektiv arbeiten, man kann viele alltägliche Aufgaben automatisieren und kleinere Programme zu großen zusammenschließen.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel
February 16, 2022 - March 2, 2022

In this course we will discuss a huge problem on the Internet: The spread of malware.
The number of cyber attacks has increased again in 2021. New forms of malware have evolved, even more disruptive and more damaging.
We will cover different types of malware, such as, viruses, worms, and trojans, talk about botnets and ransomware, and mention some countermeasures.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel
March 2, 2022 - March 30, 2022

If you have completed the three security workshops offered on openHPI this year, you should now have a good knowledge of the basics of cybersecurity. Here we offer you the opportunity to take an exam on the material from all three workshops. If successful, you will receive a record of achievement or a qualified certificate, which is usually only awarded in 6-week courses.

You may not register for the exam until you have met the eligibility requirements. The following criteria must be met:

The participation in the weekly assignments in the individual courses is not relevant for this exam.

Berry Boessenkool, Prof. Dr. Bert Arnrich
March 16, 2022 - April 13, 2022

R ist eine weit verbreitete Programmiersprache für Datenanalyse und -visualisierung, Statistik, Forschung und Wirtschaft. In diesem Kurs werden die Grundlagen der Programmierung mit R vermittelt. Zentral steht dabei die praktische Anwendbarkeit des Erlernten.

Teilnehmer:innen werden nach dem Kurs Datensätze einlesen, verarbeiten und visualisieren können. Die Inhalte entsprechen dem Paradigma guter fachlicher Praxis für eine nachvollziehbare Arbeitsweise. Damit sind sie verwendbar für transparente Forschung und reproduzierbare Workflows.

Mathias Renner, Ferdinand Mütsch, Johannes Rudolph, Robin Lamberti
March 30, 2022 - April 13, 2022

This two-week free course is about resource-efficient software engineering. We'll discuss how to apply climate-friendly decisions and actions along the life cycle of software development and their context. In the first part of the course, we will address the area of tension between climate and digitization. We will look at how IT causes CO2 emissions and how IT technologies can save CO2 emissions. What are the possibilities in software development to make processes more sustainable? What are the main problems in software development? How can they be solved? While the first part is theory oriented, the second part will be practical and will have specific examples. Therefore, we will give you some detailed insights into programming resource-efficient software.

Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg
Coming soon

Design Thinking is an innovation approach, which evolved through the past 12 years from a university program at Stanford and HPI Potsdam to a globally respected and universally applied set of methods and tools for supporting and driving change towards a networked culture in organizations. The course is an introduction to the core principles of Design Thinking, explains its cultural impact and inspires to actively use Design Thinking at the organizational level.

The course is valuable for decision makers, who want to get an idea about the strategic underpinnings of design thinking. They will learn the terminology and get a better understanding, why and how to use Design Thinking to make the transformation towards a networked organization.

The course is not a substitute for a real design thinking-workshop, which will give - at its best - the deep and diverse team experience in a creative environment to the participants. But it helps, to get a better understanding of the core concepts behind Design Thinking and supports the development of their transformational strategy.


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